Mindful Men Community & Practice Sessions

Are you seeking to improve your well-being and your relationships? Seeking more career satisfaction? Want to break compulsive patterns? Or decrease stress and anxiety? Maybe you’d just like the company of men who are more open and willing to talk about challenges. You’ve come to the right place!

We invite you to join Mindful Men Practice Sessions: Season 1 on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., June 4-July 9 (on Zoom).  Gain support on becoming more present and engaged with your own heartful joys, as well as with those you love.   

This ongoing group will run in 6-week segments, or “seasons”.  Each Season will have a different focus.   In these sessions, co-facilitated by LuAnn Oliver and Paul J. Pettit, you will:

  • Learn basic principles on being mindful and present
  • Learn and practice various meditation techniques 
  • Gain access to our exclusive Facebook community for accountability, connection, and sharing of resources
  • Join in our book club with a different book for each series
  • Enjoy the presence of like minded men

Attend as you can, or attend all 6. There’s no pressure. Not ready to join the sessions?  Sign up for free mindful text reminders by texting IAMMINDFUL to 833-986-2559. 

Mindful Men Practice Sessions | Season 1: Expanding Awareness

Dates: June 4 – July 9

What we’ll do:

  • Mindful Exploration Focus: Expanding Awareness. Each week LuAnn offers a mindful exploration to promote self-reflection and growth.
  • Meditation Practice Technique: Mindfulness Meditation. Paul will offer meditation tips and practice.
  • Open space for questions, comments and discussion.
  • Read the book, “Mindfulness in Plain English,” by Bhante Gunaratana, and discuss in week 5.

In order to successfully change limiting patterns, we must first become conscious of them.  We can overcome limiting patterns by turning towards them instead of turning away.  We can learn to offer acceptance and compassion to ourselves, our experiences, and all who we meet.  In this first season, we will focus on Expanding Awareness – getting to know our experiences better.

Season 1:*

Episode 1:

  • Mindfulness Moment – Recognize. (The R in RAIN.)  Recognize thoughts, feelings, behaviors, sensations.
  • Meditation Tip & Practice – Mindfulness Meditation + Intention, Conviction, Time

Episode 2:

  • Mindfulness Moment: Accept & Allow (The A in RAIN.)
  • Meditation Tip & Practice: Linear & Limited Thinking

Episode 3:

  • Mindfulness Moment: Investigate (The I in RAIN.)
  • Meditation Tip & Practice: Concentration > Awareness > Letting Go

To be continued…

In line with a commitment to love & serve, access to this series is offered freely to all. 


During quarantine 80% of proceeds will go towards the food pantry at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Arlington, VA. The remaining will go towards overhead costs and outreach. (Update: In light of recent events Heartswell will match donations through June 7 and contribute to the NAACP, The Bail Project or Color of Change – still deciding.)

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The focus of Season 2 will be Distinguishing Past, Present and Future.

*This post will be updated periodically with additional information.