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Counseling before marriage is a great way for couples to to create a solid foundation for future commitment

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Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued––when they can give and receive without judgement.

— Brene Brown

Premarital counseling, also known as premarital therapy, is designed to help couples prepare for marriage. At Heartswell, we provide a supportive and safe space for couples to explore their relationship dynamics, address potential challenges, and set expectations together for a healthy equal partnership. 

Our team of therapists have years of experience helping couples navigate new and long-term relationships and create more meaningful connection with each other and themselves. 

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Future Together

Counseling before marriage can help you and your partner address past hurts and future fears, or explore any lingering doubts or concerns about commitment.

By addressing these issues early on, you can learn to build a foundation of trust that fosters intimacy and connection and prepares you for the changes and challenges to come. Additionally, studies have shown that premarital education and therapy is linked with lower divorce rates* and by empowering couples to take steps throughout their marriage to maintain their relationship.

* Source: National Library of Medicine:
Premarital Education and Later Relationship Help-seeking

3 Reasons Premarital Counseling is a Great Way to Prepare for Commitment

1. It establishes an openness to seek help

Attending and prioritizing counseling before marriage establishes a precedent in the relationship that if you have difficulties you are open to getting help. Anytime anyone is open to getting help or opening themselves to let someone in and self-reflect – this demonstrates a healthy relationship pattern.

2. It will help you identify your attachment styles

When you meet with your counselor, we help each partner understand their attachment styles. We are all unique in how we reach out in a relationship, what we long for, and how we communicate those things, and our partner is often different. Understanding your attachment styles will help you develop an awareness of them and how to navigate these differences as partners.

3. It creates alignment on important issues

In therapy we dive into 5 major relationship topics:

  1. Attachment styles and how they work 
  2. Sexual style and history
  3. Money and financial habits
  4. Household management
  5. Family including your extended and future family


Doing this gives you a chance to clearly communicate your thoughts, feelings, and expectations and come to an understanding of where each partner is coming from and where you’d like to go together.

I am considering counseling before marriage, but I still have some hesitation…


In some cases, individual counseling can help couples be more productive in therapy.  It’s important that your individual and couples therapists are able to work collaboratively as a team toward a common goal.  If you choose to do individual therapy for depression, anxiety, addiction or other issues, we recommend you do couples counseling concurrently.  At Heartswell you can have both individual and couples therapists who are part of a dynamic integrated team and can offer you both as needed.  We can help you determine the best course of treatment for you.

Many couples, especially living in Arlington, VA and the greater Washington, D. C. area, are in the same boat.  It’s hard to conceive making a weekly commitment and navigating multiple schedules and jobs. However, this short-term investment can have a long-term impact.  You can grow stronger as a couple, as individuals, and create a more grounded, healthier relationship. We offer flexible early morning, daytime, and evening appointments for your convenience.  Many couples choose to take off of work at a set, weekly time so that they don’t miss out on time to relax and enjoy each other.


The healthier and more whole you are as an individual and as a couple, the better you’ll be able to navigate finances, career goals, and planning for the future.  Also consider that the cost of an effective course of therapy can equate with the cost of a 10-day vacation. Take some time to consider the long-term benefits.

In efforts to give everyone access to healing we offer low cost options, budget friendly workshops, and packages.  You can also read here to know what questions to ask your insurance about coverage.

It’s important to recognize that therapy is an investment in your future life satisfaction. Neglecting recurring issues can result in more costly problems including divorce, health issues, and unhealthy and costly ways of dealing with pain.  

The healthier and more whole you are as an individual and as a couple, the better you’ll be able to navigate finances, career goals, and planning for the future.  Also consider that the cost of an effective course of therapy can equate with the cost of a 10 day vacation. Take some time to consider the long-term benefits.

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