As Women, We Are Stronger Together, by Francine Ronis, LPC

Women’s liberation began in the 1960s and ended in the 80s. Yet, women today are facing some of the same challenges. Compared to men, we make 81 cents on the dollar, do the majority of the housework and child rearing, often while working a full-time job. In some workplaces there are still mandatory dress codes dictating that women wear pantyhose and skirts. As mothers we may be frightened and scared to send our children out into what has been deemed a rape culture. No matter what side of the political fence you may be on, it is clear there has been a level of misogyny in our culture that is no longer under the radar.

On social media you will find women posting quotes or gifs about forgiving themselves for not knowing better, learning to be as compassionate and as giving to themselves as they are to others, and trusting other women. Women are rising — divine feminine is a common phrase. We are waking up. This does not mean we want to take over and conquer the masculine. It means we want to integrate masculine and feminine in ourselves, our partners, and our culture.

What Does It Mean to Own My Power?  

The path is different for each of us, but owning our power includes getting to know ourselves outside of our roles as a mother, wife, daughter, boss, employee, or friend. It means understanding our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body in a deeper and more integrated way. It’s owning our voice, our power, our right to take up space. It’s learning to understand, erect and honor boundaries. You are neither too little nor too much, but you are perfect in all of your human imperfection. 

In our upcoming 6-Week Empowered Women series we will explore these themes and what they might mean to you in our upcoming women’s group. We will use meditation, mindfulness, movement, and play to access our innate potential. We will forge relationships based on authenticity and vulnerability. This space will be a sacred container to share stories and empower each other. I hope you will join us.


Authentic Connection Changes Things  

Recently, I was at the grocery store. I bumped into a mom I knew from my daughter’s preschool, but had not seen in years. She asked how I was. I almost replied, “good….fine.” You know, the usual. But something stopped me. Instead I said, “not great.” And I told her a bit about what had been happening in my world. She told me some of her struggles. As we stood in the isle, we shared a moment of truth, vulnerability, and authenticity. We connected as women, instead of the picture of how we think we should present in the world — as if we’ve got this motherhood, relationship, life thing all figured out. She shared with me a resource that started me on a different path of my journey to healing. She knew what I needed because I told her where my pain was and she had been there herself. It opened a new level of understanding for me of our sisterhood, of healing trauma, and the power of presence and truth.

I Invite You On This Journey  

You can call a friend, reach out to your mom, tell your daughter the truth, or look into a stranger’s eyes and ask her how she is doing in a way that conveys you truly want to know. 

You can join me in our women’s group where you can be as vulnerable as you wish to be, bask in the presence of other women, practice mindfulness and be accepted for exactly who you are in this moment. 

I am a licensed therapist, parent coach, mindfulness teacher, educator, mom, woman, and imperfect human. I won’t have the answers for you. I am still seeking them myself, but I will be a gentle and compassionate guide for you to look within and find what may have been missing. 

I invite you to register today for our 6-Week Women’s Empowerment Series.  Details and registration can be found



Francine Ronis, LPC brings both her personal and professional experience to her work with an open heart.  She offers individual therapy in Arlington, VA — and presently virtually anywhere in the state of Virginia.  You learn more about here, send her a message, or schedule a phone consultation with her here.


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